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5 hours ago

Tomorrow Menlo will wrap Campus Conservation Nationals with the coolest event to save our planet- the Conservation Carnival! It'll take place from 2pm-4pm in the quad. There will be food, prizes, free t-shirts and lanyards, along with a chance to win an instagram contest!

Following that at 4pm we'll kick off Oakapalooza! Don't miss out!
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2 days ago

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3 days ago

This past weekend, the Junior Class hosted a trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk.

Hailey Lord '18 expressed how exciting of a trip it was!

"It was my first time going to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and it was such a great experience. I got to be with my friends and it is close to the ocean which reminded me of home. The actual boardwalk was really cute with all the rides and games. I rode all the rides, lost in laser tag, and ate enough junk food to last me a while. I'm really glad I had this experience and I would love to be able to go again."

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1 week ago

Don’t Be New, Be a part of the ADA Crew! - Disability Awareness Exhibit hosted by PSYSSC 482 (6 photos) ... See More »See Less »

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April 13, 7 PM in the Russell Center

Dr. James Lai, Santa Clara University

Dr. James S. Lai is Associate Professor and Associate Director of the Ethnic Studies Department at Santa Clara University. His 2011 book, Asian American Political Action: Suburban Transformations, examines the demographic shifts and the rise of Asian American political incorporation in small to medium size suburbs throughout the continental United States.


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